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  CURRENT ISSUE:   October 18, 2010   •   VOL. 48, NO. 18   •   Oakland, California
  Alarm over loss of Christians
A recurrent theme at the Synod of Bishops was the real threat of the disappearance from the Middle East of Christians, who were present in the region long before Islam.      >>>


Chautauqua 16:
ethnic diversity

All 14 ethnic
pastoral centers
in the Oakland Diocese
were represented
in a procession,
Mass and festival
for the annual
celebration.       >>>

Chileans united in prayer
as miners were rescued

Chile’s churches were hosting round-the-clock vigils, special Masses and other prayers of thanksgiving.      >>>

Survey shows Catholics
have knowledge gaps

A survey of Americans’ general religious knowledge became a national conversational blip with its revelation that atheists, agnostics and Jews know more about religion than those who are active, practicing Christians.      >>>

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