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Father Mockel, Order of Malta members bring the sick to Lourdes. Click here
to read about
Father Mockel's pilgrimage.

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The Vatican

Bishop Cordileone and Father Mockel visited Rome in April 2012,
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Catholic Voice
  CURRENT ISSUE:  November 18, 2013   •   VOL. 51, NO. 20   •   Oakland, CA
Bishops eager to hear
Catholics' input for synod

The meeting, or synod, of bishops was called by Pope Francis for next October. The Vatican sent out a worldwide query to gather information about family life.  >>>
Noted tenor brings moving melodies
to the Cathedral Christ the Light

Pupils from inner-city schools in Oakland and San Francisco were invited to an Oct. 30 program put on by Francis in the Schools.  >>>
25 ways to put
$25 to work

From warm clothing to Christmas toys, to food, here are some of the ways that $25 would be put to good use at this time of the year.  >>>

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    • Open houses and information nights
    • Application procedures and deadlines
    • Extensive entries with detailed information about
  each school.   >>>



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Answer the Questionnaire
from The Vatican
on Issues Relating
to Marriage and Family Life
Click here


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