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January 24:
An International Congress on
the Eucharist

January 24: From every corner of the planet, to the table
of Divine Sacrifice

January 25:
More than talks

January 26:
Sacred moments,
sacred spaces

January 27:
Gifts and mission

January 30:
And now…


Nighttime Eucharistic procession.

Rev. Alexander Q. Castillo

January 30, 2016
And now…

I am on my way back to California. The International Eucharistic Congress is still on (I registered for the first half of it). Most of our delegates are still enjoying this last part, and will be back to California next week, after taking also some time to rest and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines.

From my humble perspective, I would like to offer three points that I consider essential for our reflection after participating in this Congress.

1. The Eucharist is to be at the center of our lives. Nothing new here, at least from the theological perspective: the Eucharist makes the Church, and the Church makes the Eucharist. Now, is this true in your life? Is this mystery, this celebration, this sacrifice, the center of your day? The center of your week? Is Mass THE priority of your week? Only if it is, the rest of your days, your works, your relationships will fall in the right place.

2. Jesus is present in the Most Blessed Sacrament, with his body and blood, soul and divinity. Again, nothing new. That is at the core of our faith. It is HIM. Not a representation, but HIM. The Risen Lord. Alive … present among us. Thus, we should catechize better, celebrate better, and adore better His presence in the Tabernacle. Respect the sacred space. Make sure we are in state of grace when receiving the Lord of lords.

3. We are to be Eucharistic people in many ways. We need the Eucharist, so we should attend Mass as often as possible (daily is not a bad idea). We need the graces of the Eucharist, so we need to do whatever we have to, in order to be able to receive Christ. We are to become what we receive, so we need not only to increase our Eucharistic devotion, but our Eucharistic commitment and identity: we are to be broken to bring life to the world, the same eternal life we receive from Christ when we receive Him.

If you would like to watch the videos with the Catechesis and other activities of the Congress, they are available online: http://iec2016.ph/

Thanks to The Catholic Voice for this opportunity, and thank you for those who have had the patience to read these comments.

Maraming Salamat po.

Rev. Alexander Castillo
Special to The Catholic Voice

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