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placeholder November 6, 2017   •   VOL. 55, NO. 19   •   Oakland, CA
St. Teresa: Example of undemanding love

St. Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa, now St. Teresa of Calcutta, continues to inspire people to a deeper love of God through simple acts of loving. The Albanian girl who became a nun in India moved people to love God be seeing God in every person, no matter how humble, no matter how impoverished in wealth or health.

St. Teresa moved people sometimes simply holding them, recognizing that even the most downbeaten or abject person is a rich treasure in God's view. Her example of undemanding love continues to draw uncounted thousands to deeper love of God in their own lives.

Photographer Michael Collopy of Hayward is one of those. He first encountered Mother Teresa in San Francisco and her simple love captured him. In the end Collopy photographed Mother Teresa over several decades and produced a highly acclaimed photo book that captures much of her deep love of God. A Collopy photo was chosen as the official Vatican photo of Mother Teresa for her canonization last year.

Collopy talked of the nun's deep love to the October Catholics@Work breakfast, telling how it deepened his faith. The Saint Mary's College graduate encouraged listeners to seek out and share the undemanding love of God that Mother Teresa found herself and shared so widely.

Collopy said his own faith was deepened through her.

Collopy saw Mother Teresa bring hope to the abandoned, to the severely ill, to the hopeless simply by looking deep into their eyes, reassuring them of God's love and of her love. Even during her many years of darkness in her relationship with Jesus, she kept her faith strong and let God's love flow through her to those she encountered.

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